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Fair Housing, Equal Opportunity

The upcoming Supreme Court docket promises to settle two salient issues relevant to racial justice. The first, Mount Holly Gardens Citizens in Action, Inc. v. Township of Mt. Holly involves discrimination in the housing market. The second, Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action continues the discussion of diversity in the college admission process, in the context of a Michigan amendment that prohibits the consideration of race on collegiate applications.

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The New Supreme Court Term

Monday, October 1, 2012 marked the commencement of the new term for the United States Supreme Court. This term is filled with controversial issues ranging from same-sex marriage to drug-sniffing dogs. Especially interesting are the race-related cases that are before the Court. The highly anticipated race-conscious admissions case, Fisher v. University of Texas, for which the Court heard oral arguments on October 10, is a very important case. Petitioner Fisher brought this equal protection action against the University of Texas alleging that she was denied admission and passed over for minority students due to UT’s race-conscious admissions program. The primary issue presented is whether race can be considered in admissions programs at institutes of higher education. Read more

Professor Deborah Archer in HuffPost

Professor Deborah Archer’s blog post, “The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations: Why Affirmative Action Still Matters” is now featured in The Huffington Post. In her post, Professor Archer explores the importance of race-conscious university admissions programs like those currently under review by the Supreme Court in Fisher v. University of Texas. She also exposes the flawed reasoning underlying conservative attacks on affirmative action. Read the complete post here.

RJP Releases Supreme Court Report for October 2008 Term

The Racial Justice Project is pleased to announce its Supreme Court Report for the October 2008 Term. The report previews the coming term, with a focus on those cases with implications for racial justice issues. The upcoming cases deal with redistricting, state and federal power over tribal lands, and mandatory collective bargaining agreements.

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RJP Releases Supreme Court Report for October 2007 Term

The Racial Justice Project is pleased to announce its Supreme Court Report for the October 2007 Term. The Court had 19 new cases on its docket, including three that dealt with issues of racial justice. Two of the cases, Kimbrough v. United States and Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, et al. dealt with issues that were not per se issues of race, but that historically fall disproportionately hard on minorities—mandatory drug sentencing and voting restrictions. The third, CBOCS West Inc. v. Humphries, dealt with employment discrimination based on race.

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